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GigBound is a simple, state-of-the-art platform that helps artists and venues connect and book gigs. It will be solely presented as a B2B marketplace with a subscription based model (inclusive of advertisements). The platform will be offered as a web/mobile platform where artists and venues can sign up and create their own profiles and pages. They will be provided with a backend dashboard whereby it will be easy to search and book gigs. With the features of the platform, it will be easy for users to exchange information and show case their talents to the music world.

The target audience for GigBound is music lovers, bands/artists and venues, specifically up and coming local artists have a passion to play in front of crowds to promote their talent. Venues include places such as bars and restaurants that are looking to increase their reach and profits by providing their customers a form of live entertainment.

The main aim of the platform is to start with music gig booking that can eventually turn into a venture that spots and supports musical talent. Essentially going into the space of talent managements.


Tiffin Delivery Service App

Obtaining access to a good and healthy tiffin delivery service can be troublesome. Most services that do exist are mostly on web platforms and require you to utilise a laptop or desktop (websites). The migration of food delivery services to mobile applications is evident, with companies like GrabFood, Uber Eats, Foodpanda and Deliveroo all reaping the rewards. However, the difference in their business model is they partner with already well established restaurants. With this, comes the high delivery cost and no guarantee of healthy home cooked meals.


Furthermore, presently the only form of tiffin delivery service applications are web based. Hence, it is important to introduce a mobile application to the public. By introducing such a platform, it is easier for customers to navigate their needs through a state-of-the-art mobile app, that will allow them to choose the food they require and pick a time which is suitable for them. All this can be done from a click of a button. Also, such a concept is mostly available in the Indian market, and will prosper well in the Malaysian and Indonesian region.

Handyman Services App

A handyman is a vital occupation where a qualified professional provides a wide array of home repair services, both interior and exterior. Booking a handyman for small odd jobs around the house is quite troublesome. Most of the time, they provide excuses, arrive late or do not perform the job to the customers satisfaction. Upon finally booking a handyman, they will charge high fees.


Furthermore, many handymen are not aware of the customers who require their services. They may be using outdated methods of reaching out to the public (newspaper ads, banners, etc). This impacts both the customer and the handy man service provider.

Enter the world of technology. With technology and a state-of-the-art mobile platform, it will be simpler for both parties to interact and maximize their reach. An individual can get the right person for a reasonable cost and the handy service provider can get connected with the customers easily.


Hence, we propose the development of a mobile app. Mobile applications let people be portable. There are millions of service applications that provide people the daily household services they require. Handyman service is one of the most needed application that is required by most of the houses. Now let us see about handyman services app in detail.

Camera24 Mobile App

Camera24.in is a OTT streaming platform which predominantly covers Hindi news in the Madhya Pradesh region of India. The platform has been active since 2013 and is only available on Web format. We are undertaking a project to help develop a mobile app that can stream the channels content right on to your mobile device. Perfect for on-the-go and for people who only own mobile devices.

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